Birthday Parties

Invite Party Animals To Your Event!
What will make your celebration event even more special and memorable? A party… naturally! Back Into Nature brings fun and adventure to any party with lively lessons about live creatures. Mr. Dave, founder of Back Into Nature, will be the life of your party, sharing his more than 25 years of experience in natural history, environmental education and creative programs for children and adults!

Put Back Into Nature on your invitation list and discover why kids and parents are wild about their birthdays! Don’t wait too long; schedule your party now!

*Prices may vary according to travel time and distance. *

Select from the following party packages or see our Educational Programs, as many can be modified to suit a party atmosphere!

Party Animals

  • Six to seven live animals – including insects, arachnids, amphibians, reptiles and mammals that will visit your party for you and your guests to meet.
  • One-hour visit and presentation customized to your age group and needs.
  • Prices start at $225*

Nature Hikes

  • Head out on a nature hike to explore your own backyard or other local areas.
  • One-hour supervised and guided adventure
  • Prices start at $225*